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 Boxer Rebellion Imperial Japanese Regiment


 This set Includes 60 Japanese Infantry, These can be used for the late Satsuma Rebellion, the Sino-Japanese war of 1894 as well as the Boxer Rebellion.  Also they can be used for the Russo-Japanese war and for Tsingtau WWI with uniforms painted Tan.

 Zulu Regiment


 This set includes 60 Zulu Warriors.   You can chose what shield colour you would like and pom pom to make regiments look different.

 Boxer Rebellion Chinese Westernised Regiment


 This set Includes 60 Chinese Soldiers in Western uniform, can be used for the Beiyang Army for the Sino-Japanese war of 1894, or as Imperial Army for the Boxer Rebellion.  The uniform was also seen during the warlord period of china right up to 1911, and possibly after in places. 

 British Colonial Regiment


 This set Includes 60 British Colonial Infantry including 2 commands.  They can be in red Uniforms for early Zulu war or in Tan for late Zulu war and boar war etc.. They can also be painted in light blue for the Sudan.