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Imperial Roman Legionaries in Segmentata


 This set Includes 60 Roman legionaries in segmentata armour, and includes 3 command figures.

 Celtic Warband


 This set Includes 60 Celt warriors, with command, all troops have a mixture of poses and mixed weapons.

 Goth Warband


 This set Includes 18 Bowmen and 42 infantry including command

Republican Roman Legion


 This set Includes 60 Roman legionaries and includes 3 command figures.  The figures can be painted in any colour you like to match your legions. 

 Imperial Roman Auxiliary troops


 This set Includes 60 Auxiliary, they can be painted in any colours you want to suit the region they operated in.

Marion Roman Legionaries


 This set Includes 60 Marion roman legionaries.

Anglo Saxon Warband


 This set Includes 60 saxon spearmen, a mixture of troops in mail and cloth, includes command figures.